Dr. Richard A. Cross

Welcome to the official website of Dr. Richard A. Cross, a dedicated educator, consultant, author, empowerment speaker, mentor, and coach. Dr. Cross is committed to making a positive impact on individuals, professionals, and groups by providing guidance and inspiration to help them achieve their life and career goals.

Dr. Cross’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and dedication to empowering others. Rising from challenging circumstances, he understands firsthand the importance of perseverance and the power of education in transforming lives. With over 11 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Cross has served in various capacities, including as a first-year experience instructor, Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Retention Specialist, and Director of Mentoring and Tutoring.

Driven by a passion for helping others reach their full potential, Dr. Cross is an advocate for change and innovation in education. He has authored over 40 books, including Going Beyond Limitations, Letters to Future Black Male Educators, and The Student Oracle, each designed to inspire and empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve academic success.

In addition to his writing, Dr. Cross has developed innovative programs aimed at supporting underserved students and promoting positive self-identity. His work has led to tangible outcomes, including increased academic achievement and enhanced emotional well-being among participants.

empowerment speaker

As an empowerment speaker, Dr. Cross delivers engaging and thought-provoking presentations on topics such as personal development, leadership, and resilience. His dynamic speaking style, combined with his wealth of knowledge and experience, leaves audiences inspired and motivated to take action.

At the core of Dr. Cross’s philosophy is the belief that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness, regardless of their background or circumstances. Through his coaching and mentoring services, he provides individuals with the tools and support they need to unlock their full potential and live fulfilling lives.

Whether you’re seeking guidance in your career, looking to improve your leadership skills, or simply in need of inspiration, Dr. Richard A. Cross is here to help you on your journey to success. Contact him today to learn more about his services and how he can support you in reaching your goals.

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