“Your dream is still floating out there and it’s time for you to get it!”
You are about to have a life-changing experience that will cause YOU to look at your life differently from now onwards!
(Talks Are Tailored To Your Needs)
Going Beyond Limitations: Your Dream Is Possible
Average presentation length: 60-75 minutes

Richard A. Cross believes that Going Beyond Limitations will not only inspire you to achieve more but empower and equip you to live a more purposeful life and also this talk on going beyond limitations is suited for any organization. In this talk, I will be focusing on 11 principles that have helped me to become the person I am today. You can start implementing these principles immediately.


Richard passionately delivers his message, “Go Beyond Your Limitations” to both youth and adults. Having been the one told, that he himself would not make it, Richard understands the desire of wanting to give up. He understands falling into the negative pitfalls others sometimes set before you. He also understands perseverance, persistence, and the determination to never give up.

“Empowering YOU to Be More, Do More and Achieve More!”

When Richard shares his experiences with you, when he provides you the tools to go beyond your limitations, he is doing it from his heart. He keeps it real and shows both youth and adults that anyone can be a success!