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Richard A. Cross works with individuals, professionals and groups who need to recapture their focus on how to achieve their life and/or career goals in easily doable steps with the right perspective and strong desire to succeed. Through inspirational, motivational mentoring, speaking engagements or personal one on one, Richard Cross provides coaching services to help people realize their true and greatest potential.

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  • Richard Cross is a man on a mission! He has written a book that is inspiration and uplifting and that can help you to rise above your own self-imposed limitations. I love this line on page 15, “It is never about what people say, it is about what you say about yourself…. that matters most!”  I recommend you read this book and share it with your friends, and all of you will grow!”

    Dr. Willie Jolley
    Bestselling Author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback and An Attitude of Excellence
  • Richard Cross is a gifted and passionate generational leader who challenges people from all walks of life to maximize their fullest potential. As a young professional, I find Cross’ ability to engage and share stories about his lived experience inspiring and motivating. His speaking engagements, books, blogs and messaging provides comprehensive tools for creating pathways to success and reshaping our outlook on life.

    Tamara V. Walker, MSHRM
    Community Engagement Coordinator, Ready by 21 St. Louis and East Side Aligned
  • “Richard Cross’ inspired and empowering insights truly make a difference by showing us how to cross a threshold into another dimension of our lives we never thought possible.”

    Don MacIver
    RPA Owner, Editor; Lasting Impressions Editing
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