Today let’s look at nurture from the perspective of devoting time to our innate abilities. If you nurture the ability or abilities you have they will only get stronger. The fact of the matter is we cannot expect someone to develop our abilities for us. Strengthening out abilities is our own responsibility  we all have dreams and the reason why some people’s dreams die is because they refused to nurture it. I will encourage you to spend some time and nurture your dreams. Remember, they are your DREAMS! It was Brain Koslow who said, “If you nurture your mind, body and spirit, your time will expand  You will gain a new perspective that will allow you to accomplish much more.” The only responsibility you have is to put some water at the root of your dreams and watch it grow.

We may have seen a lot of individuals who in our eyes are more talented than most, but they are not the ones who come out on top all of the time. It’s the individuals who nurture the little ability or talent that they have often out shines the most talented. So, where you are is not final. Find that little spark and nurture it and soon that spark will become a big fire. This is what Michael East said about nurturing the gift he supposedly received at birth, “It is a natural gift I was born with but its something I’ve had to nurture in training.” Michael East was an American athlete. Look at Micheal Jordan for example. We may say he was born the most talented basketball player, if we look at is overwhelming success in the NBA. Now, look at Usain Bolt who dominate the sprints in track and field today. Could Usain Bolt have done so without NURTURING his ability? NO! What is the reality? They both had to nurture – devote their time and effort to the success that they both have accomplished in their athletic career.

Your ability needs a little more NURTURING!