About Richard

Richard’s parents, struggling, working-class, people wanted the best for their son. Like most parents they did what they had to do to survive, instilling in their children a strong sense of faith and determination. Richard always knew that he was destined for greatness.

His teachers, peers and others often told him that he was limited by his circumstances and wouldn’t go very far. Pursing a dream in track and field, Richard not only learned to overcome the hurdles on the track, but he also learned to overcome the hurdles of life.

Struggling with the demands of being a student and the demands of running track Richard found poetry as an outlet to free his soul. Sharing his thoughts about life, adversities, triumphs and perseverance, Richard penned his first book of poetry entitled, “The Experiences Through The Human Eyes.”

Richard Cross was born in the beautiful Alexandria, St. Ann, Jamaica. Richard was working with the Jamaican Constabulary Force when he was offered an opportunity to run track and field for Lincoln University in the United States. It was an opportunity too great to turn down. Mr. Cross holds a teaching Certificate in Physical Education, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Sociology.

He is also a Toastmaster and Motivational Speaker. He dedicates his life teaching others how to transform their lives from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary! Mr. Cross believes no one should let their circumstances determine their success.

He believes, “If you are crazy enough to think it is possible for you to change the world…you just might do it!” Richard Cross is here to inspire you and to teach you how to “Break the Bond between You and What Holds You Back!”